Terrence's production site

January 1997
Floor area: 
58,000 square meters
Annual production capacity: 80,000 sets

Terrence's new factory

Floor area: 
30,000 square meters

Terrence Energy Co., LTD

Since its establishment in 1997, the company has, as always, focused on the research and development, production and sales of various types of gas gathering and transportation special integrated equipment. After years of development and accumulation, it has formed three categories of gas gathering and transportation system, core equipment and gas intelligent control and control system, and more than 100 varieties of products, involving the whole process of natural gas collection, transmission and distribution and application. Products are widely used in public utilities, gas power generation, industrial raw materials and other industries and fields. With excellent quality assurance system and good customer reputation, it occupies a very important market share and is a leader in the same industry.
Technology and innovation are the foundation of the company, and high-quality talents are the only key factor to achieve the company's mission. The talent training and selection mechanism with Tris characteristics has laid a reliable foundation for the long-term development of the company. Since 2002, the company has been continuously recognized as a high-tech enterprise, and the company has harvested one after another mature products with its own brand and intellectual property rights. A benign and sustainable development trend has been achieved. Relying on its own accumulation, it has built a modern professional factory of about 58,000 square meters, a provincial engineering technology research center, and a provincial enterprise technology center. It has established long-term industry-university-research cooperative relations with well-known universities and authoritative testing institutions such as China University of Petroleum, Hohai University, and National Gas Testing Center to ensure that we are always at the forefront of leading technology. For the company to take off again inserted a solid wings.
At present, the company's sales network is all over the country, with more than 2,000 cumulative customers, most of which are natural gas, liquefied natural gas, electricity and other energy operating companies, responsible for the stable and safe supply of energy for hundreds of millions of users, Terris products are widely used, we feel the great responsibility, and have found a set of strict and effective quality control procedures. Unswervingly pursue the goal of zero defect products; And has always been adhering to the concept of service-oriented advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, before our product sales and layout service network, equipped with service personnel, professional training, product commitment to lifelong service guarantee, let our high-quality products and services accompany the development of energy enterprises is our unswerving pursuit!

Terrence's Factory

Main products: various specifications, models, pressure levels of gas safety cut-off valve, regulator valve, regulating valve; Various skid-mounted integrated gas regulator, metering and related pressure vessel products.
After various stages of expansion, Terrence Changzhou Factory has been built in Middle Yanhe Road, Changzhou New District, covering a total area of 58,000 square meters, including 43,000 square meters of plant area. It is equipped with large flow experimental equipment with design pressure of 10.0MPa and professional machining, assembly and testing workshops. The production qualification is complete, and the products have been tested and certified by global authoritative certification organizations. Provide all kinds of gas safety cut-off valves, pressure regulating valves, regulating valves. All kinds of production qualifications are complete, with advanced materials, pressure and other test equipment, riveting, painting, assembly lines and various supporting production facilities, to provide all kinds of gas skid equipment, pressure vessels and so on.

Enterprise technology center

Established: December 2020
Research direction: Establish a multi-level technological innovation system, including technological transformation, technological research and development and management innovation, and comprehensively develop the company's innovation culture. Mainly to intelligent gas pressure regulator, underground pressure regulator station, oil and gas transmission equipment for research and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing is introduced into the traditional manufacturing, and constantly upgrade products to ensure the advanced nature of the company's technology.

Engineering Technology Research Center

Established: September 2012
Research direction: The innovation direction is mainly based on the intelligent gas voltage regulation transmission and distribution equipment and intelligent management and control platform based on the Internet of Things, and the efficient integration of information and products, continuous optimization and improvement, adding intelligent modules, and realizing automatic inspection and self-diagnosis functions of the system. On the basis of the intelligent management and control platform, some intelligent components are developed to cooperate with the daily data processing and acquisition of the platform, and to ensure the improvement of the intelligence level from the hardware measures.
Production and testing equipment
With advanced production equipment and perfect testing facilities, adhering to the core values of "customer first, responsibility oriented, creating value, realizing dreams", we are committed to leading the new trend of industry development, and providing you with professional, high-precision and high-quality natural gas transmission and distribution equipment and services.

Unique hardware facilities

  • Advanced automatic sand blasting equipment.
  • Advanced spray drying integrated room and supporting exhaust gas treatment equipment.
  • Advanced spray drying integrated room and supporting exhaust gas treatment equipment.
  • CR computer aided imaging system.
  • Large flaw detection room.
  • Has a design pressure of 35.0MPa, a design pressure of 10.0MPa, automatic, full information gas real flow test device, is currently the domestic design pressure, gas storage volume, automation degree in the forefront of the industry gas pressure regulator valve test device.

Customized production management system

  • Realize the standardization of production scheduling, technology and processing flow.
  • Powerful experiment and factory inspection ability to ensure the quality of each product.
  • Ensure traceability from raw material to finished product.

Other supporting equipment

  • Power equipment 14 machine processing equipment more than 50.
  • Plate rolling machine 1, all kinds of welding equipment more than 100 sets.
  • Plate rolling machine 1, all kinds of welding equipment more than 100 sets.
Production workshop
Through integrated management, Tris master advanced technology and production equipment, so that the internal quality of products and external personalized closely combined to meet and lead the needs of the energy equipment industry.
Production capacity (annual output)
Large skid-mounted city gate station, high school pressure distribution station, high school pressure area pressure regulating station
Pressure regulating train, pressure control system
Wellhead skid equipment (sanding skid, heating throttle skid, separation metering skid, valve group skid, etc.)
Standard series of low-pressure tank type gas regulating station, regulating pressure measuring station
Building pressure regulating box
LNG, CNG equipment
Pressure vessel
Quick opening closure
Various types of valves (pressure regulators, regulating valves, safety shut-off valves, release valves, butterfly valves, etc.)
Terrence always prioritizes the layout of our service network to improve the overall quality of service.
Our products are guaranteed to provide full life cycle service.

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