Improve fire skills, protect life safety | Changzhou Gas industry 5th Fire Games

Release time:2023.11.20

In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all units, improve personnel fire skills, further improve fire emergency response capabilities, and effectively protect fire safety, on the occasion of the 2022 "119 Fire Promotion Day", Changzhou gas industry held the fifth Fire Games on November 8. The sports meeting is hosted by "Changzhou Gas Association", "Terrence Energy Equipment Co., LTD." and co-organized by "Changzhou New North District Luoxi full-time Fire Rescue Team".

The games attracted 12 teams and 72 athletes from Changzhou gas industry. The event officially starts at 13:30 p.m. Xu Jie, chairman of Terrence, the organizer of this event, delivered a warm welcome speech, and He Ting, Director of Public Utilities Department of Changzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, delivered a congratulatory speech and wished the competition a smooth progress. The president of Changzhou Gas Association and vice president of Ganghua Group, Changzhou Ganghua general manager Huang Ho gave an opening speech. Finally, Liu Bo, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Luoxi Town, announced the official opening of the games.

This competition has a total of five projects competition, respectively: fixed-point fire suppression, fire search, single rescue, the correct disposal of family gas leakage, office supplies warehouse fire emergency simulation drill. After more than a month of careful organization and hard training, the players of all units are in high spirits and eager to show their skills on the field.

After nearly two hours of intense and orderly competition, the competition items have been won. On the field of refueling, cheers, cheers one after another, in order to the collective honor of the team, the teams are trying their best. As the home team, the Terrence athletes worked hard and lived up to expectations, and finally won the first place in the group, as well as the two individual championships of "correct disposal of family gas leakage" and "Office supplies warehouse fire emergency simulation Drill".

With the cooperation and joint efforts of all the competitors and staff, the Fire Games have been a complete success. The activity not only deepened the learning exchange between the industry, but also strengthened the safety quality education of members of the association, and jointly promoted the fire protection work of Changzhou gas industry to a new level.

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