R&d advantage

The company has provincial engineering technology research center, provincial enterprise technology center, 10MPa design pressure flow laboratory and advanced physical and chemical analysis room, with all kinds of professional R & D personnel 80 people, rich experience, skilled use.
  • 2D Mechanical Design
  • 3D pipe design
Other related professional software to ensure research results.

University-industry cooperation

Through long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions, the company has always mastered the cutting-edge technology related to the industry, and its innovation ability has been continuously improved.
  • China University of Petroleum
  • Hohai University
  • National gas testing Center

R&d results

96 product patents, including 14 invention patents

25 software works

6 provincial and municipal high-tech products

6 scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the Ministry of Construction

13 scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China

Terrence always prioritizes the layout of our service network to improve the overall quality of service.
Our products are guaranteed to provide full life cycle service.

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